Who is Andy Reid's wife? Everything You Need to Know About Tammy Reid

Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid has been with the wife of his teammate Tammy for more than four decades. Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid is all about faith, family, football and wife Tammy.


Who is Andy Reid's wife? Everything You Need to Know About Tammy Reid
Who is Andy Reid's wife? Everything You Need to Know About Tammy Reid

Andy's love affair with Tammy goes back to the beginning of his career , when the two were football players on the team at Brigham Young University. After meeting on campus they began dating. In the summer of that year the relationship was serious between the two and at the urging by Tammy's father Andy was converted to Mormonism. One year later, Andy and Tammy were married in the year 1981.


Today, forty years and five kids later, Andy and Tammy claim to be just the same as they were when they first met. Even if Andy's team doesn't take home the trophy He still is able to count on Tammy, his "trophy wife" at his side. In actual fact, Andy admits that he continues to call Tammy his wife and strives to always do something special to her.


"I've spent ... together for around 40 years," he said in February of 2020, after winning the Super Bowl with the Chiefs. "Every every day's a memorable day for me, I'll tell you. I consider her my girlfriend due to that reason. You will never lose interest if you do this, don't you think are you out there? Make them your girlfriend, and you do all the time something special to them."


Tammy has been a strong supporter of Andy throughout his professional coaching career, beginning when he was a player as a coach with The Green Bay Packers in 1992 up to his current position being the Chiefs head coach. the Chiefs are currently seeking their the second Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl LVII.


"Maybe some people aren't aware about me, but I'm an extremely positive person and I have the highest confidence in Andrew as a coach,"" Tammy explained in a Chiefs profile of Andy. "We've gone throughout 38 years as coaches therefore I'm never doubting that we'll win."


Who was Andy Reid's spouse? Here's everything you need to learn about Tammy Reid.


She was born with her family in Tennessee and Arizona


Tammy is born November. 6. 1959 at New York. She grew up within Memphis, Tennessee, before she relocated to Arizona in the state where she was a student at high school. When she was a kid, she said her father and mother set an amazing examples of the person she aspired to be. They were also always engaged in their communities.


"My parents are among the most outstanding examples of kindness I've had the pleasure of meeting throughout my experience," she told The Time Herald. "There was not a single day in which my parents weren't helping someone out: driving them to a location or fixing something, preparing an evening meal or making something."


After her graduation from high school, Tammy enrolled at Brigham Young University.


She and Andy became acquainted while attending the same college.


When Andy as well as Tammy were both students of Brigham Young University, they both ended up within the same tennis program, in the virtual fireside chat of their church The Latter-day Saints in Greater Kansas City. Tammy confessed that she instantly believed that Andy was adorable and was hoping he would ask her to play with him.


"I wanted to have him take me out, but he refused to ask me out, so I got him to ask me out, and we played racquetball as our first date." Tammy shared.


She also talked about her first impressions of Andy in an interview for a Chiefs profile of the coach.


"He seemed to have this air about his confident," she recalled, "but he didn't want to ask me out, and I've ever had a man I wanted to talk to out, but not to invite me out. In the second part in the course, as it was a half credit the class played badminton. We played after he'd already beat me in tennis. I'm thinking"Well, I can beat you in tennis.'


The two were able to play together, however Andy did not exactly let his partner take the lead.


"He took me down," told Tammy. "Even even though I'm very great, he killed my."


The couple continued to have a relationship throughout the semester and maintained their relationship even after they took their summer vacation in different locations.


Andy was converted to Mormonism prior to proposing to Tammy


After being in a relationship for a while, Andy came to visit Tammy and her family when they were away for the summer break. After a hairy Andy arrived in the back of a Volkswagen vehicle, Tammy recalls that her father initially skeptical about the relationship. After Andy was able to spend a week with her family her father took time to sit down with them to inspire Andy to become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


"He told me"You know, we would like you to, Andy, to figure out what our daughter is all about . What she's really about is congregation and gospel ... In case you're looking to learn more about it you can go to the missionaries' discussions and get to know more about it, and then determine if it's something you can do you can incorporate into your own life " Tammy explained during the same live stream.


Andy was willing to sit down with missionaries to discuss issues throughout the summer. After that, as Andy was getting ready to go back to his school Andy asked Tammy whether her father was willing to be baptizing him.


In August of 1981, a year following the time Andy was Baptized, the couple tied the knot.


Who is Andy Reid's wife? Everything You Need to Know About Tammy Reid
Who is Andy Reid's wife? Everything You Need to Know About Tammy Reid

Five children share the same parents who were born in different states.


While Andy was finishing his master's program in Utah The couple were expecting their first baby, Garrett. They welcomed four additional children that included Britt, Crosby, Drew Ann and Spencer -which were birthed in states that were different as a result of Andy's professional coaching. When Drew Ann was born in Missouri, Tammy became pregnant with their second baby, Spencer, and joked that they'd be forced to relocate so that Spencer was the first born to a different place than his siblings.


"I I told Andrew"We must move to a new location! He asked"Why?" And I replied"Because we've already had an infant here! We laughed at the whole thing," Tammy said during the live stream. "Well it was a couple of months after, he received an call...to be the tight-end coach as well as coordinator of offensive lines with the Green Bay Packers. Then we headed towards Green Bay we went and baby number five was born there. We now have five kids each born in five different states!"


In August 2012 the son of the couple Garrett died from an overdose of heroin, as reported by The New York Times. The time was when Garrett worked for the Eagles as an assistant to the strength and conditioning team and was found dead in his dorm room in the training facility of the team situated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.


Garrett who was 29 at the date of his death had been struggling with addiction issues for more than 10 years. After Garrett's death, Andy and Tammy thanked supporters for their help.


"Even even though he lost the battle that was in the air for the last seven years we'll keep him in our memory as an incredible warrior who had a big affectionate heart." They said this in a statement to the media.


Following the time that the Chiefs took home their first Super Bowl in 2020, Tammy briefly discussed the passing of her youngest child. "The the fact that we all were there was incredible," Tammy said of the game, while referring to her four other children. "Except for 'G.' Sad I'm sure that he's watching us."


She is involved in philanthropy as well as volunteering


Over the time, Tammy has become incredibly engaged in volunteer work and charitable endeavors, with a particular focus helping people who have experienced domestic violence. When Tammy as well as her entire family lived in Philadelphia when Andy was the head coach of the Eagles Tammy began her work with the domestic violent charity Laurel House.


"I was aware I knew that Laurel House was something I could be a part of because I'm engaged to one of most amazing men on earth," Tammy told The Times Herald. "I'm shocked to discover it's not the case for women in the world who aren't. Andrew is my best friend, and we're a fantastic team. I wish that every woman could enjoy the same kind of caring and supportive relationship we share."


Tammy later joined the the advisory board of Laurel House, which she was a part of from brainstorming ideas for new projects to planning their annual galas. Tammy later became an official face for Laurel House and often spoke to youth and church groups, women's groups along with chambers of commerce.


Alongside participating in organisations that are volunteer-based, Tammy also founded the Eagles Women's Association to help coach's wives, players' wives, and girlfriends to get more active in their communities. Together women, they participated in volunteer opportunities like processing food donations or hosting an annual playground building.


She has a huge quilt collection that was displayed in the museum


Tammy has an extensive collection of quilts which comprises more than 150 pieces. Although Tammy isn't as a "professional" collector her quilts have been displayed at museums, and she even influenced to write a book: Every Quilt has an Story The Tammy Reid Quilt Collection. The book highlights a small portion of Tammy's collection. It includes pieces dating to the mid-1800s.


While some quilt enthusiasts prefer to keep their treasured items in a safe place, Tammy says she prefers to display them in her house and often rotates them around during the seasons.


"My mother gave me her very first quilt when I was a young child. My mom also gave us a quilt as an engagement present. This is what sparked my passion for quilts," Tammy told the Hermann Advertiser Courier. "I like green, white and red quilts, particularly at the Christmas season. I like to stack quilts all over during the Christmas time."


She is Andy's most loyal supporter.


When Tammy started dating Andy in the college years she didn't know that Andy would later be one of the world's most well-known coaching staffs on the NFL. Though she was unaware of the exciting journey that was that was to follow, which would include moving across the nation on numerous occasions, she has been happiest to be by Andy through everything.


"My main philosophy and entire motto since I've married is to live in the place you've been placed," Tammy said in her interview with The Times Herald. "Andrew has taken me to eight states, and I've had five kids across five states. It's important to remain positive and just get involved in your community."


Through the decades, Tammy has been there for some of the most important moments in Andy's professional career, including the Super Bowl win with the Chiefs in 2020. "Just watching the effort that he puts into and the effort he puts into it, I'm just thrilled with him,"" she told reporters after the match. "I'm satisfied for the Hunts (owners of the Chiefsas well as the players and coaches as well as all the people of Kansas City, but mostly for him since I've seen the work that he puts into."


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