Three shot dead in shooting at US University, gunman killed

A gunman fired on Monday at night (local local time) on Michigan State University, killing three people, injuring five others, before committing suicide by shooting himself off campus during a long manhunt where terrified students hid in the darkness.


Police investigate the scene of a shooting at Berkey Hall on the campus of Michigan State University. (Source: Associated Press)
Police investigate the scene of a shooting at Berkey Hall on the campus of Michigan State University. (Source: Associated Press)

The death of the man was reported by police just four hours after the shooting began to take place, first in Berkey Hall, an academic building, then to the MSU Union, a popular place to eat and study.


"This truly has been a nightmare we're living tonight," said Chris Rozman, interim deputy chief of the police department on campus.


A large number of officers had searched for clues on the East Lansing campus, about 150 kilometres to the northwest of Detroit to find the suspect, who police identified as a tall Black man sporting red shoes as well as a jean jacket and ball cap.


Rozman stated that it wasn't too late to establish what the motive was and whether the man was associated with any type of connection with the university. His name has not been immediately made public.


"There's a lot that we don't know at this point," Rozman declared.


Two people were killed in Berkey and another one was injured at MSU Union, he said.


Sparrow Hospital spokesperson John Foren said he was not aware of any information about the health of five people who were injured.


As of 10.15pm the police reported that Berkey was secure, along with the nearby residence halls were secured.


After the gunman was found dead the meteorologist from WDIV-TV Kim Adams, whose daughter goes to Michigan State, told viewers that the students had been drained from the long-running drama.


"They've been hiding, all the lights off in a dark room," Adams explained. "Their phones are beginning to lose charge. There aren't any chargers, and being disconnected from the outside world can be terrifying every day for college students, especially when someone is who is out there and they've not yet caught."


Aedan Kelley student who lives less than a kilometre to the east of the campus, said he secured all of his windows and doors, and roped up the windows "just in case". Sirens were always around the student said, as helicopters flew in the sky.


"It's all very frightening," Kelley stated. "And then I have all these people texting me wondering if I'm OK, which is overwhelming."


Michigan State has about 50,000 students. The campus was closed to all activities over the course of 48 hours which included classes and athletics.


Source - 3 people killed in shooting at US university, gunman dead

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